Dunlop Station Louth NSW

Hi People

I hope you are all well and getting back to some normality in life .

We are happy to announce that our second camp for 2021 is locked in.

In June 2021 we will set up camp at Dunlop Station , 14 km down the Darling River from Louth NSW.

Tourists are drawn to Louth and its surrounding properties for its historical value and fantastic bush camping along the Darling.

Dunlop Station , currently owned by the Chandler family,is one of the major draw cards of the area because of those reasons.

Since the Chandlers bought Dunlop Station, they have worked tirelessly to restore it to its former glory.

PHP see’s Dunlop and the Chandlers as playing a pivotal role in the future of Louth and its sustainability.

Rosey and I recently camped at Dunlop Station where we worked with the Chandlers to identify jobs that our PHP crew of volunteers can be of assistance ( they were as excited as us).

The major jobs being the 45 stand shearing shed, stores shed , and blacksmiths workshop.

There is no mains power at Dunlop, it is 100 km from supplies, and we will be there in Winter, so it is shaping up to be a great experience.

We are still not ready to register volunteers, but will keep you updated with our progress.

Kind regards

Stay safe

Lee and Rosey

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